Peter Jefferies

Peter Jefferies is not a household name but has had an extraordinary music career. As the old cliche goes, Peter does push the boundaries of music. All I can say is, “Thank God for that!”.

Peter’s musical career began in the 1980’s. He formed a band with his brother Graeme called “Nocturnal Projections”. After the Nocturnals dissolved they went on to form This Kind of Punishment. Much TKP’s catalogue sounds as fresh as is did when first released. They were indeed ahead of their time.

After TKP, Peter embarked on solo outings. These mainly involved him and his piano. Later on, he did combine the piano and drum to create the pianodrum (because according to Peter, it is really one instrument).

He also collaborated with other musicians and played in many bands around Dunedin.

He retired from performing and recorded around 2002 to concentrate on other projects.

He has been involved in teaching and mentoring young bands.

He’s also been recording some new material.