This is an unofficial site to showcase the work of Peter Jefferies. He doesn’t have any involvement with this. It was put together when I used to have a radio show on 3PBS in Melbourne called “Something In The Water”. This site came about from some of the information gathered through interviews with Peter.

This site started in 2003. Peter had retired from making music at that stage to focus on other aspects of his life. At a time when there was next to no information about Peter available online. The aim was to put the info out there so others could discover his music or explore further.

This site has become something of an online museum. Mainly due to a lack of work on my part. But also due to the fact that Peter has finally been paid his dues. Well sort of. He has an excellent profile on the excellent I thoroughly recommend checking out

I’ve given it a bit of a make over. It’s been though a number of phases. It started out using Drupal. A couple of years ago, I changed it to a static html site because Drupal seemed a bit of overkill. So I converted it to a static site. Static sites can be a pain to maintain. I needed a better solution. Something that is half way between a static and dynamic site. Jekyll fits the bill perfectly.

Peter has had a bit a comeback. Amanda Palmer’s cover of an Unknown Beach has put Peter back in the spotlight. Lately, he’s been busy working on some new material. His first album in 14 years is on it’s way.

Derek Bell

12 Jan 2016